Final Programme

Friday, 7 August

9.30-11.00 Registration and coffee

Opportunity to visit Johnson exhibition at the Bodleian Library.

11.00: Opening and Welcome

11.10-12.40: Panel 1. Johnson and Eighteenth-Century Shakespeare (Chair: Robert DeMaria)

Peter Sabor, ‘”Armed with the tomahawk and scalping-knife”: William Kenrick versus Samuel Johnson’

Michael Caines, ‘Shakespeare as Sub-plot’

Fiona Ritchie, ‘Henry Dawkins, Giovanni Battista Cipriani and Eighteenth-Century Shakespeare’

12.40-1.45: Lunch


Panel 2. Johnson’s Shakespeare and Johnson’s Dictionary (Chair: Philip Smallwood)

Lynda Mugglestone, ‘Reading Johnson Reading Shakespeare’

Anne McDermott,  ‘Johnson as Textual Critic and Lexicographer’

Anthony W. Lee, ‘“The Caliban of Literature: Johnson’s Intertextual Scholarship’

Panel 3. Johnson and Eighteenth-Century Editing (Chair: James McLaverty)

John Dussinger, ‘”The “Profess’d Critic”: Warburton, Edwards, Johnson, and the Hazards of Emendation’

Ivan Lupić, ‘Ungrateful Custom: Johnson, Steevens, and the Variorum Tradition’

Marcus Walsh, ‘Mimesis and Understanding in Johnson’s Notes to Shakespeare’

3.15-3.45: Tea

3.45-4.45 First Plenary: Joseph Roach, ‘Did Shakespeare Write without Moral Purpose?’ (Chair: Robert DeMaria)


Exhibition Room: 5. p.m. The Warburton Shakespeare: viewing and short presentation

Johnson exhibition open in the Exhibition Room

Book launch  (Broadgates Hall): 6.30 onwards: Samuel Johnson and the Journey into Words by Lynda Mugglestone (Oxford University Press, 2015)

Dinner:  7.15 p.m.

Concert: ‘SHAKESPEARE’S GARLAND’: A medley of song settings from the plays (Guy Newbery and Nicola Harrison), Pichette Auditorium:  8.30. For programme click here.

College bar open

Saturday, 8 August


Panel 4. Johnson’s Critical Contexts (Chair: Peter Sabor)

James Smith, ‘Shakespeare Ancient and Modern’

John Scanlan, ‘“Any Single Scholiast”: Autobiography and a Scholar’s Limitations in Johnson’s Shakespeare’

Mareile Pfannebecker, ‘”Human Things”: Critical Stubbornness in Johnson and Shakespeare’

Panel 5. Afterlives: The Legacy of Johnson’s Edition (Chair: Michael Bundock)

Howard Weinbrot, ‘Samuel Johnson’s Shakespeare in France, 1765-1865: From Johnson to François-Victor Hugo’

Marie-Jeanne Colombani, ‘Boswell’s Biographical, Literary responses to Johnson’s Shakespeare

John Stone, ‘Johnson on Shakespeare in Old Regime Spain’

11.00-11.30 Coffee


Panel 6. Johnson and the Sense of History/Time (Chair: Tita Chico)

Robert DeMaria, ‘Johnson’s Historical Interest in the Plays of William Shakespeare’

Tom Curley, ‘Using History to Free Shakespeare from History: Samuel Johnson the Critic on Transcending Time’

Hazel Wilkinson, ‘Sidney, Spenser, and Theories of Literary History in Johnson’s Shakespeare

Panel 7. Johnson’s Criticism: Labour, Topography, Orientalism (Chair: Tiffany Stern)

Frans De Bruyn, ‘Performing Editorial Labour and Reflecting on Authorial Labour: Samuel Johnson’s Edition of Shakespeare

David Taylor, ‘Johnson and the Topography of Macbeth

Ella Elhoudiri, ‘Shakespeare’s Othello and Samuel Johnson’s Orientalism: A Colonialist and Orientalist Perspective’

1.p.m. Lunch


Panel 8. Johnson’s Shakespeare in Print (Chair: Marcus Walsh)

Jim McLaverty, ‘The Subscription, Printing, and Costing of Johnson’s Shakespeare’

Adam Rounce, ‘The Cancels in Johnson’s Shakespeare: Johnson’s Relation to Warburton’s Notes’

Joseph Hone, ‘The Contents and Typography of Johnson’s Shakespeare’

Paul Tankard, ‘Johnson as a Footnoter: Necessarily Evil?’

Panel 9. Johnson and Theatricality (Chair: Fiona Ritchie)

Wendy Nakanishi,  ‘Contested Shakespeare: Johnson and Garrick and the Bard of Avon’

Tiffany Stern, ‘Garrick, Johnson and Not-Shakespeare’

Lois Potter, ‘Johnson and the Shakespeare of Eighteenth-Century Theatre’

Carolynn Williams, ‘”The Curtains of the Dark”: Johnson and the Control of Audiences’

4.15-4.45: Tea

4.45-5.45: Second Plenary: Jenny Davidson, ‘Talking Pages: The Eighteenth-Century Variorum Page’ (Chair: Tiffany Stern)

7.00: Pre-dinner drinks: Broadgates Hall

7.30:   Conference Dinner [Great Hall]

[dress code: smart but not black tie]

Sunday, 9 August

9.30-11.00 — Panel 10: Johnson and Shakespeare Criticism: Montaigne, Unevenness, and Hybridity  (Chair: Frans De Bruyn)

Philip Smallwood, ‘Improbable Liaisons—Johnson’s Shakespeare, the Sum of Life and the Wisdom of Montaigne’

Tom Mason, ‘The Tragicall End of the Proud Cardinall of Winchester: “beauties that rise out of nature and of truth”?’

Nigel Wood, ‘Johnson and Theatricality/and Shakespeare’s Endings’

10.00-11.00 — Panel 11. Johnson, Women, and Shakespeare (Chair: Kate Chisholm)

James Harriman-Smith, ‘Delusion and Illusion: Elizabeth Montagu’s critique of Samuel Johnson’

Nancy Johnson, ‘Burney, Johnson & Shakespeare’

11.00-11.30 Coffee

11.30-12.30: Fleeman Memorial Lecture:

Henry Woudhuysen, ”‘A robust genius, born to grapple with whole libraries”: Johnson and his Contemporaries on Shakespeare and his Contemporaries’ (Chair: James Basker)

12.30-2.00 Lunch

Afternoon events: 2-5 p.m [see individual events for times]

2. p.m. Reading of Irene 

Exhibition Room: Johnson exhibition (2-5 p.m.)

2 p.m. onwards: Visits to Johnson’s undergraduate room at Pembroke*

3 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. Visits to the ‘Painted Room’ in Oxford*

Bodleian Exhibition of Johnson and Shakespeare open 11-5 p.m.

4. p.m. Afternoon tea ….

4.15 Guided visit to the College Wine Cellar (with tasting opportunity) -see here for further details *

** sign-up events [sign-up sheets available on the Helpdesk from Registration onwards]


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